Host of The Traveling Revelers

Peter B. Slayer

Peter B. Slayer is a persona that can usually be found at Ren Faires and Conventions.  

You can follow him to places where adults can have fun. As an ‘Enlightened Hedonist’ you will find that Peter likes to flirt, to explore fine food and libations, to play games and to find the places where he can surround himself with like minded people.   As the bigger than life front man for the Traveling Revelers, Peter leads the workshops with “a jump, in the water is fine” excitement.  


The Traveling Revelers' Co-Hosts 


The Workshops

Richard Carneval

Richard Carneval has a dubious background in the sciences and the military. He is an expert conversationalist and nonconventional scientist. He too is an aficionado of all that is pleasurable in life.  As co-host of the Traveling Revelers, Richard is an amazing mix of Ed McMahan, Mr. Science and Dr. Watson rolled into one person, and brings into focus the finer things in life.. 

Calamity Dawn

Calamity Dawn...The Padawan that became the Master.  
No, seriously,  her master work presentation elevated her in the Ladies Intemperance League to the level of "Master"... or is it Madame, or Mistress?...  The particulars are vague. It is an 'Ancient Secret Organization' after all.  

Storme B. Muse

Storme is a pilot and adventurer who has sipped the world. She is small but she is mighty and dressed to kill. 

Our Mission


The Traveling Revelers

Emilie P. Bush

Emilie P. Bush wears many hats when it comes to writing. She is a Steampunk novelist, an award winning journalist, a bestselling children's book author, Editor-in-Chief for Steampunk Chronicle and a mentor to other writers as the leader of the Gwinnett County Writer's Guild. When the writing day is over, Emilie P. Bush loves to laugh and makes the audience the stars with wacky convention game shows and children's events.Emilie P. Bush lives, laughs and writes in Atlanta. Find her as Miss December 2014 in the Girls of the Con Calendar.

The Traveling Revelers' mission is to make the world a better place.  We introduce people to the finer things in life, and educate them in intelligent decadence, lavish etiquette, and the benefits of generous attention to the social graces.

When you engage The Traveling Revelers for your event, you gain more than their excellent hands on workshops, you retain their hosting and facilitating services.  The Traveling Revelers are ALWAYS  well costumed and in character to delight your guests as Masters Of Ceremonies, judges, and the costumed Host at your Meet and Greet.  

It is our pleasure to provide turnkey fundraising for YOUR cause. Please allow us to plan and host your next charity auction or decadent fundraiser.  The Traveling Revelers consistently put the fun back in fundraising.  

The Confectionista

The Confectionista is a culinary artist specializing in confectionery indulgences; a woman with a taste for the the sweeter things in life. 

She delights in creating things of beauty that tantalize your taste buds and sharing that knowledge with the world. 

Our first and consistently most popular workshop,“ConSociology 101: How to Meet People at Cons”, teaches and demonstrates the basic social skills of meeting people.  These techniques equally applicable at a dinner party, a business lunch or a family reunion.  After every panel, people were asking for more.  So, over time, we created our famous series of workshops on the Social Graces and Flirting.  Our love for sharing the better sorts of decadence naturally lead us to evolve and create even more workshops and events.  

  • Cigar and Whiskey events: We offer a customizable variety of Parings, Tasting and Workshops. 
  • Liqueurs, Cordials,and Simple Syrups: how to make them and what to do with them.
  • Introduction To Home Brewing
  • Home Brewing Competitions
  • Bar Basics
  • Mixology 101: A peek into the process
  • The Essential Travel Bar
  • Saberage: The Art of Opening Champagne With a Sword
  • Tea:  Tastings and Workshops
  • Chocolate Workshops : Tasteful journeys with Chocolatiers
  • Hot Lather Shave:  Learn the why and how of the ultimate personal grooming experience.   
  • Kilts:  How to Master a Great Kilt, and Kilt Etiquette
  • The Art of the Elevator Pitch
  • Monetizing your Hobby for Fun and Profit 
  • Kilts:  How to Master a Great Kilt, and Kilt Etiquette