Richard Carneval


I would like to thank you for suggesting to us that we  seek the aide of Richard Carneval.   His insights into the Atheric  systems were insightful and leapfrogged us years in our project.  In fact, my esteemed colleague Dr. Kristen Wyndhym was so impressed with his contributions she insisted that he join her research tour in Paris.  To think what that those two great minds will be able to produce in tandem in isolated study is absolutely boggling!  Again, thank you. 

Yours in service to science


" Yes, but what will happen if we increase the voltage by 80%?"

"Take one of those wires... Thank you.  Now, what ever you do, don't touch the other wire.  It has enough amperes to move a locomotive from here to the coast.  Oh and remind me to give you a good referral to the Lab Assistants temp agency.  You have lasted much longer then the other assistants..."

"But wait, before your ladyship tastes that clear your mind. Close your mind and picture a warm beach...  Now when you have that picture solidly in your head take a sip...  Good, yes?"Type your paragraph here.