"Ohhh, this is delightful...   The Emperor will be pleased"

"NO, No, not like that.  First you obtain consent, from everyone involved, THEN, you discretely slide your hand up "

"Funny you should mention that.  There was this time in Brussels.  The Baron was charged with resolving the insult to the Crown.  Tensions were elevated.  War was a potential outcome.  

It was necessary to establish smooth 'diplomatic relations'.   And all there was at hand was an adequate whiskey, a drab of excellent champagne left from earlier..  That is another story..  and  a case of Rum.  

Needless to say, War was averted and the  Baron and the General are still fast friends.  A tribute to the powers of excellent mixology "



Calamity Dawn

Expanding the Realm of Libation Science

[Begin Report]

Subject: Calamity Dawn

There are some folks who do not believe Calamity Dawn exists. They claim she is but an urban legend, or a figure of fantasy, like the Peanut Butter Fairy who leaves messages in the new un-opened jars for peanut butter for good little girls and boys. These people say that Calamity Dawn is nothing more than wishful thinking, that there’s no way such a person could actually be real.

I can tell you with all certainty that Calamity Dawn does exist! I have seen her with my own eyes, talked to her face to face and, best of all, sampled her concoctions. Calamity is more than just her pretty face, or huge… assets. There is a keen mind behind those startling vivid eyes. Her dexterous and oft devious brain comes up with the most intriguing and tasty of libations, foods and ideas.

Those individuals who have not yet had the chance to meet Calamity Dawn may be wondering just who she is. Calamity is a founding member of Airship Passepartout; she is a Mixologist of modest fame, an entertainer of sorts, and rather a charming woman. She is also the co-founder of Calamity Labs, a small but thriving institution dedicated to the research and development of luscious libations. 
More than all of this, Calamity Dawn is just plain fun to be around. She is always willing to talk about the art of the cocktail, and all things related to spirits, beer, and more. She loves to teach what she knows, and to learn from those who know more.
So, yes, there is a Calamity Dawn, and she is ready to raise a glass with you.

[End Report]