​​​​​The London Gazetteer 

February 14

Dear readers, I recently had the pleasure and great luck of booking The Confectionista for a series of interviews to discover the backstory of this fascinating and elusive creature.  Not much for publicity and fanfare, she prefers to be behind the double doors creating fantasies in sugar, but she kindly agreed to pull back the apron and share some of her life philosophies with me, so that I can share with you, her fans.

The confectionista came from humble beginnings in rural Texas, but as she began exploring the world and picking up tips and tricks from the finest culinary masters across the country, she has expanded her repertoire to include not only custom-designed cakes, but candies, sweets and confections of all kinds.

She is quite entrancing, with a love and zest for life that is (dare I say?) even more enthralling than her culinary accomplishments.  I can completely see why people are fascinated by her.  

              Once, during our extended series of interviews, she exclaimed "I can honestly say that 'thin' people are much easier to kidnap, so I highly recommend a diet filled with cakes and treats.  STAY SAFE, my little 'confectionistas'!"  She may be a bit politically incorrect in today's climate of DIET, DIET, DIET culture, but her passion around sweet indulges is intoxicating . . . I was astonished to find myself completely captivated by her enthusiasm and did quite a bit more indulging than I personally had intended!

Aside from creating her spectacular gastronomic delights, she revels in sharing this knowledge with the uninitiated.  One of her greatest joys in life is seeing the light bulb brighten over her proteges' heads when they realize they can do something they never thought they could.

So, dear readers, if you get the chance to have an audience with The Confectionista run, do not walk - you will not regret it!  Not only will she tickle your tastebuds, she might tickle your 'fancy' as well . . .

​Until next time, my loyal readers.

- Natalie Armstrong


is a culinary artist specializing in confectionery indulgences; a woman with a taste for the the sweeter things in life. 

She delights in creating things of beauty that tantalize your taste buds and sharing that knowledge with the world.