Peter B Slayer

is a dealer in indulgence, a man with a taste for the attainable pleasures of a life well lived.

Peter has traveled the globe learning the secrets to the good life: how to meet and escalate connections with note worthy people the world over.

What he has gleaned, he carries with him to share with new friends and fellow patrons of happiness.


Baron Peter 

Baron Peter MacAuley of Ardincaple, Chief of MacAuleys, Baron of LochTuppin, and Holder of the Cup o'Kuggin.  Undefeated Drinking Champion of all Albion. Known as the Protector of the Nunnery of St. Benedict at Dumbarton Wharf,  Titled BeerSlayer.



Fire Eater & Entertainer of Kings, (and whoever else has a few coins to spare)

Peter B. Slayer

Instructor / Entertainer / Master of Ceremony


• Instructor in the finer things of life.    
• Trainer of the Social Graces 
• I make events better by being there. 
• Fire Performer – Fire Eater, Human Volcano,  Fire Spinner 
• Experienced Master of Ceremony 
• Turnkey Fundraising
• Sponsor Acquisition 


Saberage, Cigar Aficionado, Scotch and Bourbon Expert, Home Brewer, Fashion Consultant, Tea Duelling Judge, Wedding Officiate 


• Master of Ceremony of The Inaugural Airship Races at Dragon Con. 
• Master of Ceremony of Games at Steampunk Symposium
• Creator of the successful events that put fun back into fundraising 

These presentations are interactive and high energy, presenting the material in way that engages the audience. Everyone walks away entertained and more than a few walk out with new skills.raph here.

Peter B. Slayer

Veni, Vidi, Pellicere 
Veni, Potavi, Vici 

'Look for the tall guy in a big hat and a kilt'

I can promise you devotion, passion and intensity, 
I can give you devout passion absent the intensity, 
You can have intense passion without devotion 
you can simply have the passion pure,  
but remember passion is compulsory.  
I can do nothing without there be passion r

The London Gazetteer 

Oct 10

Peter B. Slayer  has been described as “Gentleman adventurer, Hedonistic traveler and  Financier of all things Scientifical. “ But our reporter tells us that she obtained the real story of this rising society star in an exclusive interview. 

                “My initial research include enlisting the aide of the experts at the renowned School of Language to place this enigma’s accent.  They were able to absolutely and clearly place his origins somewhere between Edinburgh Scotland, Eastern Burma and the port city of Galveston, Texas.      Obviously, there is more to this man then meets the eye. 

Much has been said about his popular lecture series and there are articles and photographs placing him among the students and lecturing on the campuses of Harvard, Oxford and Madame Virgerette’s School of Cosmetology.  I was able to collaborate this with Madame Virgerette herself and I quote, “Oui’, He were pleasure to have here.  My girls are good at what zey do, but zey were all eager to learn from Peter.  “ 

It is irrefutable that he has seen military service in Africa and in Asian fleet. I spoke with a Colonel of British Royal Fusiliers who said that Peter led the soldiers that secured the rail lines after  the local rebels had interrupted the supplies to the front.   The Colonel spoke highly of Peter’s mess sergeant, “It was the finest meal in the entirety of that (expletive deleted) desert before or since.  “  

Armed with this arsenal of knowledge I met with Peter at the Etheral Club.  (An exciting new venue on the fashionable end of Winslow Row.  ) After introductions to our host for the evening (the Viscount De’tromlound) we circled among an eclectic mix of our societies elite, greatest thinkers and power brokers.  All the talk was in regards to the successful test flights of the Viscount’s newest airship. 

Before we could retire to the promised interview our  the evening was interrupted with the apparent attempted assassination of none other then Dr. VonHugo lead designer of De’tromlound’s unique aerial navy.   With the briefest apology and a promise to continue the interview on another night the gallant Peter led the pursuit of the retreating black clad would be killers.

It is my promise to you my faithful readers I will continue to delve into the mysterious Peter B. Slayer’s past and present. I will persist in my pursuit until I have satisfaction…  Natalie Armstrong